Terms of Use

On this page you find the terms of use of the website arbeit.de:

1. Copyrights

The contents published in the database are protected by Third party copyright owners.

2. Download

As far as legally permissible, the download is at your own risk. We assume no liability for damage resulting from the download, installation, storage or use of software or contents of the database. In addition, despite the use of state-of-the-art antivirus programs, we assume no liability for damage or malfunctions caused by viruses or so-called worms.

3. General information

The information on job offers contained in the advertisements does not come from us, but is given in the published form by the potential employers or employers and clients. Please note that we do not have the possibility to check the truthfulness of such information and the admissibility of the content of the advertisements. Please contact the relevant advertisers directly. You can find their contact information in the ad text.

We are entitled to justify legitimate notices of illegal advertising, violations of laws or the rights of third parties and are grateful for such information. The information from our notification services has been compiled carefully within the scope of our possibilities.

4. Links to other websites

As soon as you follow a link to another website and leave our website, we have no further control or influence on the contents listed there. Please also note that the terms of use and data protection regulations of a linked site deviate from the usage conditions and privacy standards of our site. For this reason, you should read and observe the data protection regulations and terms of use of the linked site.

5. Date information

Please make sure you do not send us dates with viruses or worms. Please do not send us any information or dates that contain sensitive data. Sensitive data is information about race, ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, union affiliation, health and sexual orientation.
The information you submit to us must be true and may not infringe any copyright or trademark rights or other intellectual property rights, press rights, general rights of third parties or ethical principles (“Illegal Content”). Please also take note of the fact that you will indemnify us against all claims arising out of your account due to your fault.